UV Systems

UV Systems & Packages

atg UV Technology have one of the largest product ranges availble from any UV System manufactuer in the world. Our portfolio of standard products include Low Pressure UV system, Low Pressure Amalgam UV Systems, Medium Pressure UV Systems and Integrated UV Skid Packages and Containerised Solutions. 

In addition atg UV Technology also have one of the largest selections of independently validated and type approved UV systems availble in the UV market, including certifed performance for drinking water, swimming pools, wastewater, wastewater reuse and offshore oil and gas potable drinking water. 

SX Range (MP) SW Range (MP) ECL Range (MP) UVM Range (MP)

WF Range (MP) UVLX Range (LP) UVLW Range (LP) UVLA Range (LP)

SSL Range (Liquid Sugar) ATEX Hazzardous Areas Packages & Projects Keratox Advanced Oxidation


For further information on atg UV Technology's range of UV disinfection and treatment products, please contact our Technical Sales team by visiting the contact us page.