Swimming Pools

The application of Ultraviolet Treatment systems has now become standard practice across a number of leading leisure operators worldwide. The inclusion of UV systems is now law in a number of U.S States e.g. Utah, New York, and is an approach that is likely to be adopted in the UK and Europe in the near future.

The industry leap forward to UV protection has been driven forward equally by both the public demand for more luxury bathing environment and increased education and understanding on the benefit of installing a UV treatment system on a swimming pool application. The high bather loads associated with public pools can easily overwhelm traditional methods of disinfection such as Chlorine treatment. Ultraviolet disinfection is proven to improve safety and protect your patrons against micro-organisms, including the 17 known chlorine resistant organisms such as Cryptosporidium.

atg UV can offer a range of UV systems, that have been designed and engineered specifically to suit the needs of the Swimming and Leisure industry, catering for a range of aquatic applications ranging from spa's and diving pools to splash pads and full scale water theme parks.

atg UV's state-of-the-art UV systems allow leisure operators to protect against harmful waterbourne micro-organisms such as e-coli and Legionella. Unlike traditional chemical treatment methods, the effectiveness of UV systems are not limited to certain micro-organisms, and will provide an effective barrier against all known bacteria, viruses and pathogenic micro-organisms, including chlorine resistent organisms such as Cryptosporidium.

Additionally, UV treatment is also used to break down chloramines, resulting in a more pleasant and inviting leisure environment for customers, reducing ‘Red Eye', skin irritations and the often overpowering chlorine smell associated with indoor swimming facilities. The elimination of chloramines also produces crystal clear, sparkling water, and vastly reduces the need for taxing shock treatments and backwashes.

Ultraviolet systems such the ECF, ECP and SP range offer operators an exceptionally compact solution that provides a high output, allows for ease of installation/maintenance and minimizes pressure drops. When coupled with a monitoring and control system such as SPECTRA, operators can view information on UV dose and lamp intensity, whilst a built in data logger stores performance data which can be easily downloaded to a PC or Laptop for review.

The ECF, ECP and SP ranges, plus service, spares and advice on Ultraviolet technology is available now from atg UV Technology. For more information on please call our sales team on: +44 (0)1942 216161.