Service & Maintenance

atg UV Technology believe that the relationship between customer and supplier does not end once a system is delivered and are committed to providing an excellent after sales service, supplying any spare parts required for maintenance for the entire range of UV products.

Like many other industries and organisations around the world, working with suppliers you can trust is paramount to your success. atg UV are proud to offer a no-compromise range of service options, individually tailored to suit your needs. With increasing productivity targets, the pressure to adopt best practice initiatives and the need for industries to optimise business strategy, it makes sense to make the most of investments already in place.

With regular maintenance, performed by highly trained atg UV engineers, flexible service options and exclusive access to OEM components, an atg UV service will vastly cut the risks associated with production down time, product recall and process failure, saving you both time, money and, most importantly, reputation.

Additionally, regular service of your atg UV Technology system not only provides you with peace of mind, but will significantly extend the life of your investment, whilst ensuring optimum performance and reliability of the system. With bases of operations located both in the North and South of the UK and optimised travel routes, atg UV can keep costs to a minimum wherever the location.

An atg UV commission ensures your UV system is correctly installed, calibrated and working at optimum performance from day one. Additionally, commissioning by an atg UV engineer is the first step in upgrading to the industry exclusive five year warranty.

An atg UV Interim service provides assurance for industries where UV disinfection is paramount to production/normal operations. The Interim service allows for the identification/prevention of any potential problems before they develop.

An annual major service is highly recommended in order to keep your system running at optimum performance, avoid unnecessary breaks in production and extend the life of the system. Major services also include replacement of consumables with OEM parts.

When Ultraviolet disinfection is key to your process production, the option of having a certified and experienced atg UV Technology engineer on site within 48hrs allows for peace of mind and will significantly cut production down time, increasing productivity and efficiency.

In the unlikely event of system failure, atg UV provide the option of a 24 hour help line, allowing operators to quickly diagnose and rectify system failures. This option has proven highly popular with a variety of industries who rely on UV disinfection within their production process.

Safety first: atg UV's aim is to maximise safety when operating atg UV systems. As a result, atg UV can provide onsite training programmes, which teach necessary safety, technical and operational information on all aspects of atg UV systems.