Research & Development

At atg UV, R&D is taken very seriously. We are continually looking for ways to improve our current product offering and investigate new ideas and processes in search of more efficient and advanced fluid treatment systems.


Image shows atg UV Technology's In-house R&D Lab

atg are involved in many research and development projects, both internally and in group research studies. We are currently working in a pan-European project investigating Ballast Water treatment systems. This research is being carried out to help safeguard the environment and reduce the impact of ships moving ballast waters around the world. This is an increasingly serious problem, with a number of cases of ‘transported organisms' thriving in new environments to the detriment of native species. atg UV also carried out a number of in house research projects looking at the use of UV for special applications and combining UV with other complimentary treatments to increase the efficiency of certain processes.

If you have any questions on our Validation or Research please do not hesitate to Contact Us.