Food & beverage

Waterborne micro-organisms are responsible for adverse affects on the flavour, colour, odour, and shelf life of soft drinks, bottled water and food products. It is therefore the fundamental objective of food and beverage manufacturers to eliminate micro-organisms from process water, product water and sugar solutions to overcome this problem.

A wide range of Ultraviolet disinfection units have been specially designed and developed by atg UV Technology, allowing manufacturers to gain complete control over these potential contaminants, vastly reducing the risk of costly production down time, product recall or even fatality.

Specially designed and developed for food and beverage production, UV treatment eliminates all types of water borne micro-organisms, including bacteria, moulds, yeasts and algae. With a number of “emerging” pathogens now displaying increased resistance to chlorine disinfection, Listeria Monocytogenes for example, UV is now favoured over conventional chemical methods for disinfection.

Our leading UV technology is used in a number of key areas to vastly reduce the risk of product rejection and increase shelf life. Additionally, full traceability is provided by atg UV’s state-of-the-art Spectra controllers.

Even high-quality borehole and spring waters can contain natural flora and fauna. The only appropriate method of disinfection is by UV treatment. UV will not affect the natural taste or mineral balance of these distinctive brands, and will vastly enhance shelf life.

Cutting of high-gravity brews poses risk of contamination by deaerated liquor, where disinfection of process water is required. UV is an effective and convenient technology as units function automatically. Additionally, CIP rinse systems usually rely on UV for non chemical disinfection.

Yeasts and moulds are a major contaminant in concentrated liquid sugar solutions and can contaminate the final product. atg UV have designed a specific range of Liquid Sugar UV disinfection systems to deal with the high viscosities encountered in sugar solutions up to 67 brix. The SS (sugar solution) range utilises the latest in thin-film quartz and UVC lamp technology, with specially designed UV chambers. The leading SS System range has been adopted by leading food and beverage brands and manufactures world wide.

Our leading UV technology is used extensively in both slicing and wrapping units and bread cooling rooms, where bread left cooling in ventilated areas offers the ideal breeding conditions for moulds and bacteria.

Effectively applied as a final treatment at point of use, installation can be on a recirculation loop or at strategic points feeding mixing vessels. UV systems can be fully automatic, which is particularly relevant when the water use is batch or intermittent.

Equipment such as sprayers and heat exchangers, which rely on recirculating water, will vastly benefit from water supplies purified by Ultraviolet treatment. Final rinse water for RTE (Ready To Eat) products are also extensively disinfected using Ultraviolet technology.

During emptying and venting of sterile holding tanks, airborne bacteria can enter the vessel. UV units designed to fit into the head space are ideal in reducing this potential means of infection, reducing the risk of costly production down time.

atg UV can supply specially modified UV systems to provide disinfection of liquid brine applications and other low UVT liquids, such as vegetable wash water, which typically have an extremely low UVT of less than 1%.