Design & Quality


atg UV Technology are experts in the application of Ultraviolet light, offering both medium pressure and low pressure amalgam lamp technologies. This allows for high quality, cost efficient solutions for a variety of applications.

Flexible designs ensure atg UV can provide advanced technology solutions for both new installations and retrofits of existing units, in a range of difficult and challenging environments. With a vast product range, which caters for a variety of applications, from only a few m3/hr to full scale water treatment works treating in excess of over 2500 m3/hr in a single compact system, atg UV can provide effective solutions for almost any specification.

In addition to our standard products, atg UV can offer Untied States Environmental Protection Agency, Ultraviolet Disinfection Guidance Manual (US EPA UVDGM) Validated systems. The US EPA method is one of the most modern and rigorous testing regimes available for UV systems, allowing for flexible operation of the Validated UV equipment.

atg UV also utilize advanced 3D CAD and CFD model production to aid Ultraviolet chamber designs and lamp orientation, ensuring our units achieve optimum performance.


atg UV's attitude to design and manufacture is driven by a ‘quality first' approach. As an ISO 9001 company, with Achelies UVBD and NSF accreditation, you can be assured that all atg UV products are consistently engineered to the highest standards.

Our skilled team of engineers ensure that every system designed meets the most stringent standards set by the Ultraviolent industry. From industry specified materials and large flow volumes, to units designed for restricted space and operation within harsh environments, atg UV can design, manufacture and install bespoke site-specific units to meet almost any requirement. 

Our design and manufacturing experience for UV systems includes: US EPA UVDGM 2006, NORSOK, NiPH, GOSH, NSF, WRAS and IMO design standards.