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atg UV Technology's advanced disinfection systems will safely and effectively eradicate bacteria and parasites, such as legionella, from a range of industrial applications without the need for hazardous chemicals or extreme temperatures, thereby minimising the risk of scalding and removing the necessity for mixer devices. Additionally, UV can be used on all types of pipe work, especially in older systems where it is not possible to obtain temperatures required for thermal disinfection.

Ultraviolet disinfection is ideally suited for the following industrial applications: -

atg UV systems treat condensate cooling water, a prime source of bacteriological growth in air conditioning applications. Ideally suited for this application, UV is an effective barrier against viruses, bacteria and parasitic micro-organisms.

Micro-organisms, such as legionella, can thrive in cooling/heating systems. Evaporated water and spray can carry harmful micro-organisms to populated areas, posing a significant threat to public health. UV provides an effective non-chemical solution.

atg UV Technology systems effectively protect against harmful mico-organisms such as legionella, which present a significant danger in water feature applications e.g.. fountains, where wind can carry infected atomised water across great distances.

All ice makers and post mix venders in commercial establishments are connected to a water supply. An atg UV Technology low pressure UV unit will ensure that the water is free of harmful micro-organisms and bacteria.

UV disinfection provides excellent protection for drinking water applications. By installing an atg UV system immediately before the outlet, potable water supplies are protected against harmful micro-organisms, bacteria and viruses.

To avoid water supplies, including drinking, washing and showering facilities becoming infected with harmful micro-organisms, such as legionella, atg UV systems effectively disinfect both hot and cold water supplies thereby safeguarding public health.

From small spas, hydro-pools and splash pads to large municipal swimming pools and water parks, atg UV systems protect against chlorine resistant micro- organisms, such as Cryptosporidium, and provide crystal clear water and fresh clean air.