UV Systems for Swimming Pools, Aquatics & Water Features

The use of UV disinfection for aquatics is growing fast. From small swimming pools, to large municipal leisure centres and water theme parks, the inclusion of UV treatment is now becoming standard practise for many aquatic facilities worldwide.  As water features, wave machines, flumes and splash pads raise the fun factor in aquatic facilities, traditional methods of disinfection such as chlorine are causing problems for both leisure operators and their customers. 

The swimming pool industry has therefore been seeking alternative ways of disinfecting water, protecting against chlorine resistant microorganisms and reducing the organic loading of water.


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UV Treatment for Swimming Pools benefits: -

  • UV is effective against all micro-organisms
  • Vastly improved water quality and a more pleasant bathing environment
  • Crystal clear water and fresh clean air
  • Treats full recirculating flow
  • No byproducts are created by the UV system
  • Reduces the need for "Shock Treatments" to reduce combined chlorine levels
  • Fully automatic and cannot be over dosed
  • UV is a non hazardous and environmentally friendly technology


The benefits of an atg UV Technology UV system: -

  • Simple and easy to maintain
  • Validated system performance
  • UV systems require little maintenance (twice per year)
  • UV systems are fully monitored to ensure the correct dose of UV
  • atg UVs leading SPECTRA control panel easily interface with existing management systems
  • atg UV has a vast range of products to suit different sizes and specifications
  • atg UV's systems are ultra compact in design and require minimal space
  • atg UV's systems are fully approved by UL/MET, ANSI/NSF50 and validated to the USEPA Disinfection Guidance Manual ( NOV 2006)