The use of atg UV Technology Ultraviolet disinfection systems in fish farms, mussel farms, aquariums and hatcheries has led to the production of healthier and larger fish, improved water quality, possible increases in stock density and vastly reduces the risk of disease.

atg UV Technology's disinfection systems are chemical free, automatic and cannot be overdosed. This ensures the maintenance of the physical characteristics of the water, such as PH levels and temperature, whilst avoiding the introduction of harmful toxins, such as chlorine into the environment.

Ultraviolet disinfection is non-selective in the destruction of all water borne bacteria, pathogens, viruses and micro-organisms. Organisms responsible for fish diseases, which are treatable using state- of-the-art atg UV Technology disinfection systems are:

  • Whirling disease Viral
  • Ulcerative Dermal Necrosis (UDN)
  • Infectious Salmon Anaemia (ISA)
  • Saprolegenia (fungal disease)
  • Proliterative Kidney Disease (PKD)
  • Nervous Necrosis (VNN)
  • Ichtyophthirius (white spot disease)
  • Flavo Bacterium
  • Viral haemorrhagic septicaemia (VHS)
  • Vibrio Anguillarum

Market pressures have led to a demand for more wholesome, chemical and antibiotic free products, thus in order to remain competitive more intensive farming and greater yields are needed. atg UV’s disinfection systems are used worldwide to prevent infection and disease, enabling farmers to maintain their competitive edge.

Egg production and fry growth are critical applications for Ultraviolet disinfection. Successful production, improved yields and reduced mortality are all benefits of installing an atg UV Technology disinfection system, whilst avoiding the spread of infection and disease.

Shrimp/prawn, crab and lobster production utilises large volumes of water in holding tanks, rinse water and process water. UV disinfection is critical to these production applications to avoid contamination without the need of harsh chemical disinfectants.

Traditional Ozone systems are being replaced with next generation UV technology systems due to the vast benefits that UV technology offers. Additionally, UV can be used in any application, from aquariums and wash water to large open sea lion pools and water features.

Many aquatic laboratories rely on UV treatment to ensure their process water remains pathogen free. Additionally, Ultraviolet disinfection is used to ensure effluent discharges are environmentally safe and do not become a source of contamination.

During emptying and venting of sterile holding tanks, airborne bacteria can enter the vessel. UV units designed to fit into the head space are ideal in reducing this potential means of infection, reducing the risk of costly production down time.

Fish farms are often located in close proximity. Effluent discharges from one farm poses a significant threat of contamination to another. atg UV’s systems are proven to provide an effective barrier against harmful micro-organisms, whilst atg UV’s leading wiper design allows for disinfection of wastewater.